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Intercropping for Sustainability CongressDIVERSify and ReMIX focus on developing and improving intercropping practices to diversify crop systemsRead more
Growing Beyond Monoculture - three episode web seriesDIVERSify releases this mini-series guiding viewers around the world to see what project partners are experiencing and learning about 'plant teams'.Read more
European Legumes in Transition ConferenceLegValue and TRUE, host the conference April 14th-15th, 2021 in Brussels.Read more

Crop Diversification Cluster: Joining forces to diversify European agriculture

The crop diversification cluster brings together research projects which operate in countries across Europe to increase the impact of crop diversification research. The cluster encourages sustained uptake of diversification measures by European farmers and through innovations across the agri-value chain. The projects in the cluster - Diverfarming, DiverIMPACTS, DIVERSify, LegValue. ReMIX and TRUE - received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.



One of the first joint activities of the crop diversification cluster was the European Conference on…

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The crop diversification cluster has a new flyer to explain what we are working toward.

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The first European Conference on Crop Diversification took place from the 18th to the 21st of…

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Projects in the crop diversification cluster