DIVERSify releases three episode web series - Growing Beyond Monoculture

The mini-series takes viewers around the world to see what project partners are experiencing and learning about crop species mixtures, or 'plant teams'.

DIVERSify projects Growing Beyond Monoculture web series introduction.

The Crop Diversification Cluster project DIVERSify project - Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability - recently released a three episode video web series covering the subjects of ecosystem services, tools and techniques, and innovation and gaps. The three episodes each focus on different topics:

●   Episode 1: 'From the Ground Up', is about the viability of species mixture cropping and ecosystem services. Those interested in environmental and nature-friendly farming groups, organic networks and agroecology should watch this episode.

●    Episode 2: 'Managing Complexity', covers the viability of species mixture cropping processes, tools and techniques, and is watched by agricultural industry professionals and farming networks.

●   Episode 3: 'Cultivating Knowledge', is about the viability of species mixture cropping and the knowledge gaps and innovation needed. This episode would be of high interest to agricultural/farming networks and any people or groups that are in a position which informs policy.

One can watch all of the web series episodes on Vimeo or Facebook, both of which are linked below.

The project asks viewers to partake in a short survey to gather audience feedback. The survey is really important to help DIVERSify gain precious feedback and allow everyone to join the conversation on the potential of Plant Teams to deliver a more diversified food and farming system. This survey in linked below in 'Links'.

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